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Our multiple docks and lines connect to customers' transport and enable us to load and unload vessels or transport quickly and efficiently. We offer the following storage capacity and transportation options to our customers:

Storage tanks

Over 13.8 million barrels of storage capacity; 104 tanks ranging in size from 10-400 thousand barrels.

Ship docks

Four existing deepwater ship docks (#4 completed July, 2011); dock infrastructure capable of loading/unloading Suezmax size vessels.

  • Multiple lines that move black oil to/from docks and tanks for different customers simultaneously.
  • Nine miles of new intra-terminal piping (33% increase) to facilitate tank-to-tank transfers and the new ship dock.
  • 16 new 600 HP cargo pumps to further facilitate tank-to-tank transfers and increase flexibility were added in 2011.

Barge docks

  • Six barge docks that can service 19 barges simultaneously.
  • Flexible hoses for rapid handling of small-quantity barges 24 hours a day.


Two crude oil pipelines connecting to four refineries: Shell Deer Park, Valero Houston, Houston Refining, Pasadena Refining; also connecting to Speed Junction Hub.

Land loading spots

30 rail spots and 11 truck spots for land transport with 20 rail spots currently under construction.

ship dock aerial